Incredible Experience thumbnail

Incredible Experience

This trip was nothing short of amazing. Helen had everything so organised, from race entries, airport transfers, interconnecting flights, etc. The whole trip was life changing. I loved every minute and would highly recommend it.

Brilliantly Organised! thumbnail

Brilliantly Organised!

Brilliantly organised! The food was brilliant, the guides were well trained and informative and the atmosphere was relaxed and had a very much “play it by ear” attitude which allowed everyone to feel comfortable voicing concerns or requests.

Cater for all ages & life phases thumbnail

Cater for all ages & life phases

Primal Adventures caters for all ages in all different life phases. There seems to be a way that anyone who seeks outdoor adventure can join in on a trip whether it is alone, with a partner or taking a child or two. The guides are very positive and relaxed which certainly helps during the most challenging moments. Thank you for providing such a great community service. 

Everything ran smoothly thumbnail

Everything ran smoothly

Helen from Primal adventures was incredible. Everything ran smoothly with no hiccups. Also her knowledge on Nepal was exceptional. 

Well organised thumbnail

Well organised

With Primal Adventures you don’t have to worry about the how. With checklists before you depart to transport, accomodation and meals on the trip, everything is well organised.

Can’t wait until the next adventure! thumbnail

Can’t wait until the next adventure!

My son (11) and daughter (8) had the most amazing trip! They loved all the activities, particularly the kayaking, abseiling, camping overnight, challenges and games. They could not have hoped for better leaders. As a parent I was impressed with the organisation, professionalism and enthusiasm of Helen and Jake; I trusted them and the kids loved them. We can’t wait until the next adventure!

Great first experience thumbnail

Great first experience

The Maria Island trip was a truly great first experience with Primal Adventures, and for anyone looking to get more into camping and trekking this will be the perfect trip to inspire and motivate you to do it.

Incredible, life enhancing experience thumbnail

Incredible, life enhancing experience

This was my second Primal Adventure and whilst the weather did it’s best to sabotage the trip, it is testament to the quality of leadership and their preparation that we had an incredible, life enhancing experience in what were actually quite difficult circumstances. We are ready to do it all again! 

Break away from city life thumbnail

Break away from city life

This was the most incredible way to get in touch with nature and truly break away from city life. By day 3 I felt completely relaxed, loved the quietness of the experience. Focusing on each step and the beautiful scenery helped clear away any worries I had from day to day life. Helen is an inspiration and a great leader, ensuring everyone is happy and she adjusted routes based on each individual’s preferences / capabilities. She made sure everyone had a great experience and she has an incredible energy – able to uplift the whole group throughout the trek. Jake taught us navigation skills and he was also great with maintaining a positive energy for the adventure. Especially excellent with the kids and he made the best morning coffees! Helen and Jake created a life-changing experience for us and I am forever grateful for that.

Way beyond my expectations thumbnail

Way beyond my expectations

The trip literally brought me to tears…I stood on the beach with the emotion of the place and time and released the tension within. It was way beyond my expectations – it was fun, challenging, invigorating. The guides helped me feel loving embrace of mother earth, to be more connected to the land, and above all reconnect with feeling and acting respectfully. Thanks for the experience of a lifetime!

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