Bay of Fires Leadership Adventure

Bay of Fires Leadership Adventure

Taking the time to breathe, rethink, reskill & refresh

Immerse yourself in an incredible 4-day guided wilderness retreat program with a small group of likeminded professionals and transform your leadership and personal communication abilities in ways you could not imagine.

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Bay of Fires Leadership Adventure

4 days & 3 nights

Group Size 10 max

Trek Grading Specialist

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$2995 per person

$1000 deposit to secure your place

Enjoy the stunning natural beauty, white sandy beaches, aquamarine waters, pristine forests, unique Tasmanian wildlife and architect designed accommodation as the backdrop and playground for the Courage Way® leadership program. Your facilitators Dr Kirsty McGeoch, and Rosie Martin, 2017 Tasmanian of the Year, bring a wealth of experience, tools, compassion and warm knowledge to leadership and personal communication development. You will also be supported by a professional Tasmanian Walking Company Bay of Fires guide to facilitate the outdoor adventure experiences that await in this magical place. 

This spectacular experience is being offered at the world-renowned Bay of Fires Lodge in Tasmania, from 20th-23rd September 2018.

Revive, recharge and experience adventure and inspiration in these beautiful surroundings. Head home with new insights and grounding in yourself as a whole person who leads.


Dates: Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd September 2018

Accommodation: 3 nights at The Bay Of Fires Lodge in your own room

Food: Lunch x 4, Dinner x 3, Breakfast x 3 and Refreshments (wholefood, fresh and nutritious meals with vegetarian and gluten-free options)

This 4-day Bay of Fires Leadership Program is an incredible hands-on professional development experience designed to take your leadership skills to the next level. Immerse yourself in a unique executive development experience in a unique setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Program Facilitators

Kirsty is a talented and experienced Courage and Renewal Facilitator, a digital storyteller and teacher educator at the University of Sydney. She is committed to connecting people to their own wisdom for living and leading well and will provide you with an invaluable source of knowledge, gentle guidance and expertise throughout the retreat. 

Rosalie is a criminologist, an accredited Facilitator with the Center for Courage & Renewal, and a clinical speech pathologist with more than 30 years’ experience. In 2013 Rosalie founded a charity, Chatter Matters Tasmania, to bring literacy and parent-child attachment programs to Tasmania’s Risdon Prison. She was awarded 2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year for the work she began at the prison. She is grateful for the platform this recognition has afforded her to promote the value of kind communication in evidence-based service delivery; and to all family, friends and colleagues.

Kirsty and Rosie will guide and encourage you to realise your full potential through developing your capacity to engage in mindful communication, to manage tensions and make better decisions amidst complexity, and to sustain your own wellbeing as a leader. 

Program Facilitators

You will have the opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals and together you will discover how to become more effective leaders in this life-affirming program.

Set on a hilltop, 40 metres above the pounding of the sea and surrounded by National Park, the Bay of Fires Lodge is the only building on 20km of outstanding coastal wilderness.

Enjoying views up and down the pristine white sandy beaches in an area of great significance to the Aboriginal community, a truly ecologically-aware building has been gently let into the landscape. Two long timber and glass pavilions allow 

maximum connection to the landscape with minimum impact on the environment: all building materials – Tasmanian hardwood and plantation pine – were lifted in by helicopter or hand carried to the site.

The lodge is autonomous in providing and managing its existence. Here you will experience true communion with nature in accommodation that combines simplicity of design with comfort and warmth. In the magnificent living area with its large timber deck and open fire, you’ll enjoy delicious meals prepared with the freshest local produce. Solar power provides the lighting, while hot showers and comfortable hotel beds add a touch of luxury at the end of each day’s activities.

Program Details

What the Courage Way offers are processes of reflective inquiry within a supportive community. The ‘way in’ to reflection is through metaphor – which may be offered by images, evocative texts, music and nature itself – in this case, the Bay of Fires pristine wilderness. Just as hikes with others have a rhythmic quality – cycling through stretches of conversation as well as companionable silence, of movement and stopping to share in wonders – in the Courage Way program, there will be time for individual reflection and journaling as well as large- and small-group dialogues in which stories of our own leadership experiences can be shared. By participating in these processes, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain a new depth of self-knowledge – a key foundation to effective leadership

  • Discover a process for discernment to reach clarity around life and leadership questions

  • Focus, without distraction, on what matters to you, especially your values and vision, challenges and fears

  • Learn principles and practices from the Courage Way ® approach that can be applied to your daily life and leadership

  • Connect with others seeking similar insights — who listen to and encourage each other; who honour each other’s differences

  • Enjoy deeply

‘The Courage Way®‘ Leadership Program: 

Leadership is a dynamic and ongoing process of bringing the best of yourself to what you do and encouraging others to do the same. At the heart of this endeavour is courage: the courage to be fully human, to take risks, to care deeply, and take principled action even in the midst of change and uncertainty. Fundamental to cultivating this courage to lead is developing trust – in yourself and in others – and this trust is ultimately rooted in self-knowledge.

The Courage Way® offers a grounded structure within which to reflect and grow these personal pillars of leadership. It will give guidance for strengthening trust so that you can draw upon courage in all that you do. It will provide this within a program which also permits you time enough to fully experience the replenishing beauty and playfulness of Tasmania’s glorious Bay of Fires.