The FUN Scale

The FUN Scale

Types of Fun in the Outdoors.

Do you prefer Type 1, 2 or 3 fun?

What type of fun do you enjoy in the outdoors? Do you prefer an adventure where you have a permanent smile, the sun always shines, and you stay in your comfort zone? Or do you prefer to be challenged a bit more, to see the peaks and valleys, and perhaps earn bragging rights for your adventure…. 

The Fun Scale has been kicking around for years, but thought I’d share it with you so you can work out which type of fun-lover you are! 

Type 1 Fun

Fun now, fun later

This is when you are loving every moment of what you are doing, and look back on it as REALLY fun. This is when the plan comes together perfectly, you connect with incredible people, and the whole experience seems effortless.

Activities that spring to mind that provide this type of fun are downhill skiing, going for a casual hike in great weather, having an awesome bodysurf on a hot summer’s day. Really, who doesn’t like this type of fun!

Type 2 Fun

Not fun now, Fun later

It’s a hard slog to feel this sort of satisfaction….. You really have to push yourself to your limit to feel the rewards for your efforts! These are the times when you get out of your comfort zone, do something a little different, and create stories for years to come. Those who do enjoy this fun often have to push the envelope that little bit further each time to experience the same sense of satisfaction. I reckon it’s the most enriching type of fun, and can actually lead to personal growth and transformation. 

If you have participated in an endurance event, enjoy mountaineering, paddling vast distances, or ski touring you will know all about Type 2 fun!

Type 3 Fun

Not fun now, not fun later

This is when you are most likely in the midst of a type 2 fun adventure and something goes awry. The weather gods change their tune, your new boots give you blisters on a multi-day hike, you roll your ankle and have to hike out on what turns out to be a stress fracture ….. 

Each of the categories are subjective of course. Someone’s type 3 may be someone else’s type 2 fun. Time often provides a shift in perceptions, and what was initially Type 3 fun mellows into Type 2 as you are able to see the brighter side. 

We all like to have some fun in our lives, and it doesn’t always have to be fun to be ‘fun’! I hope you can join us for some soon.

Helen and the Primal Adventures Team