With so many things uncertain in our world right now, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of all that IS certain! 

1. The earth is round.
Sorry flat-earthers. I don’t buy it

2. We live in an incredible country
The more closely you explore it, the more beauty is revealed

3. Love makes the world go round.
Love is all you need. Love is in the air etc. etc.

4. That the Australian political leaders are doing their best.
But geez they must be tired….. 

5. Change is happening.
All the time

6. The sun shines every day
Even though it’s sometimes obscured by cloud, or rain, or smoke

7. Social media is part of life.
However it doesn’t mean we need to be enslaved by it

8. Let the mountains speak for themselves  
When you’re in the wild places, words aren’t necessary

9. This pandemic will be over
Even though our lives will never be the same again

10. Adventure is possible every day
You may have to seek it out closer to home right now, but next year we’re planning some new adventures!