How to build an igloo Kosciuszko Snowshoe trip

How to Build an Igloo on a Kosciuszko Snowshoe trip

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to build an igloo – watch this video!

We’ve just returned from an excellent snowshoeing trip in the Kosciuszko backcountry. Despite wild weather, we managed to have a really unique and extremely memorable experience and of course, built an igloo! Have a look at the video to see the incredible igloo that we built in one cold and snowy afternoon.

This video gives you a step by step guide on how to build your own igloo in the backcountry. We can’t give any guarantee of success, but with an experienced igloo builder and keen team, you can also build your own igloo!

If you want to join us next year, we have another Kosciuszko Snowshoe Adventure planned for September 2020! It’s a great chance to explore the backcountry away from crowds and lifts. So quiet and peaceful….you’ll return refreshed.