Bushfire Recovery – How to Help

Bushfire Recovery – How to Help

Many of us have seen a lot of news stories, social media and images from Australia’s recent bushfires, but don’t know how to help with recovery efforts. Primal Adventures offer 4 practical suggestions of how to assist in this difficult time.

What a horrifying bushfire season it’s been across much of Australia, with so many people, wildlife, business and communities impacted. 
Now that the immediate fire danger has lifted in most areas, I’m sure many of us are wondering how we can best help those in affected communities. It’s a long road ahead, and it seems that many people are still concerned about ongoing fire risks, effects of smoke haze, and lack of basic amenities when visiting areas affected by recent bushfires. Domestic tourism has taken quite a hit, but us Aussies are a resilient bunch, and keen to do what we can to make it better for others.

Here are 4 practical ways to help with Australia’s bushfire recovery:

1. Go and visit!

The economies of many affected communities have taken a massive hit over what is generally their busiest time of year. The RFS has deemed it OK to visit the NSW South Coast, and the Blue Mountains are screaming out for tourists. Many people employed in tourism are without work as people are just not visiting these amazing places! Check out the NSW National Parks website for Park closures, or Live Traffic for road closures before you go to make sure it’s safe.

Take an Empty Esky with you so you can buy local supplies to take home!

2. Register to volunteer in the recovery efforts

With the immediate threat subsiding in most places, for those of us who are keen to lend a hand without getting in the way, it will be possible to help out when affected individuals and communities are ready to ask for and receive assistance. Some organisations have already been overwhelmed with offers of support, so please research thoroughly. 

Here is a link to the Centre for Volunteering to find out where you can help. 

3. Make sure family, friends and colleagues are OK

Even those who were visiting affected areas, or who had friends or family in bushfire areas over the fire season have been impacted. The Red Cross urges all people to be aware of the psychological and emotional impacts of this seasons bushfires, which have reached beyond the firefront to impact all Australians.

4. Donate cash, food or a bed

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the incredible efforts of Celeste Barber’s Facebook campaign, but there are also many other ways to donate to charity and community groups to make a difference. Here are a few:

Needless to say, some of Primal Adventures favourite destinations and communities have been severely affected by fire. We will be looking at our schedule for 2020 and beyond to find new adventures and ways to get back out into the wilderness, and support local economies. Seeing the amazing Australian wilderness recover as it has done for millions of years will be part of the adventure. More on this soon.

Here’s to more safe and happy adventuring!